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About Us


Mayberry Law is a firm that encapsulates generations of legal advocacy. The first iteration of the firm began in northeast Missouri with Brent Mayberry. Since then, the firm has expanded its presence to southern California and Quinn Mayberry joined the firm after graduating from Harvard Law School. From the inception of the firm to the present day a few principles have permeated the culture. We only take those cases we believe in, giving all of our cases dedicated, personal attention.

In Greater Los Angeles, California, we are

  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Disability Lawyers
  • SSI Lawyers
  • SSDI Lawyers
  • Workplace Lawyers
  • Wrongful Death Lawyers
  • Product Liability Lawyers

Millions Won

We’ve won millions in a wide array of personal injury cases for our clients. Work with a firm where you’ll get the attention you expect from a small law firm with the experience of a big firm.


$500,000 Car Accident

Through creative advocacy and persistence Brent reached a $500,000 settlement for two clients injured in a car accident. The third injured party, not represented by Brent, received a settlement of roughly $100,000.

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Esteemed Advocate

Brent has been praised by mediators and judges for his dedication to legal advocacy, going the extra mile for his client and for his willingness to take cases to trial if it’s in his client’s best interest.


$750,000 Truck Accident

Obtained a $750,000 policy limit settlement in a truck accident through nuanced understanding of the insurance negotiation tactics.

A Los Angeles Personal Injury & Disability Law Firm That Cares & Fights for Your Rights

We only take those cases we believe in. If we accept a case, our client’s fight becomes our fight. In line with this principle, we don’t take shortcuts. If we need to spend weeks or months personally immersing ourselves in the evidence, we do so without hesitation. Further, a skilled attorney will be directly involved in your case from initial consultation through resolution.

We aren’t afraid to go to trial and fight for your rights. Brent Mayberry has 40 years of trail experience and shows no sign of slowing down. Quinn, his son and firm attorney, is part of this trial-ready Mayberry Law ethic. 

Trial readiness is crucial to maximizing the value of your case even if your case settles. If insurance companies or corporations know your attorney is unwilling or unable to take your case to trial, they are more likely to settle for a lower value.

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Our Testimonials

Bill F.
Bill F.
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I’ve used Brent to help me on a few cases. He always tries to do his best for the client. I enjoy working with him, and he’s a lot of fun. I think we always got the best result possible because Brent was always willing to go the extra mile for the client.
Alan D.
Alan D.
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Brent Mayberry is the only lawyer I trust with my family’s legal matters. He takes the time to explain the law and legal process. He always has our family’s best interest in mind. I know that Brent will do the best for us, and he also goes the extra mile. We always get a decent result, while, at times, Brent has gotten us way more than we expected. He’s the only lawyer I will go to.
Pete D.
Pete D.
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I hired Brent to handle an injury case for my mother. He aggressively pursued it to completion resulting in a good result. I trust Brent to handle my cases in a capable, aggressive way to a good result. Brent gives it all to his client. A good guy to have in your corner.

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